Sep 05, 2018

Download PUBG (Player-Unknown's Battlegrounds)

Player-Unknown's Battlegrounds is one of the top game this year


  • Version
    Latest Version
  • Developer
    Bluehole Studio
  • Genre
    Action, Adventure, Massively Multiplayer
  • Price
    16 USD on Steam
  • Language
    Multy Language

PUBG, an abbreviation for Player-Unknown's Battlegrounds was launched last year. It became a rave in the gaming world even before it was officially launched. You can play PUBG on PC and mobile, making it versatile. But is this game as interesting as the recognition it's getting or it's just a mere hype? Below is an honest and detailed review on PUBG that will help you determine if it's worth being on your games' favorite list.

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Full Review

1. Features

You can download PUBG for both PC and mobile, and both have almost the same features. What you enjoy in this game are Erangel - an abandoned, PUBG's original map and the Eastern European 8 x 8 km island. All the features that the PC version possess have been replicated in the mobile version. You don't have to pay any money before you can play this game. You can gain access either by login in as a guest or using your Facebook. If you keep playing the game regularly, your account gain experience and you earn battle points. The matchmaking is another feature that works quite quickly when queuing in solo, duo, or squad mode, though most of these options are not available in PUBG PC. For now, it is not possible to create a private custom match. Though there is an option for "room" creation, but it is not working at the moment. Also, the game comes with a working in-built voice chat, but it seems most players are comfortable using their phones for sound.

2. Gameplay

The PUBG Mobile would be more interesting if it replicates the island geography and allows players use the guns as well as drive the cars in the game, but the controls of the mobile version aren't has good and accurate as its PC counterpart. The game makes use of virtual joystick for camera control and player movement, and a large button having a bullet at the right side will shoot at your gun. When you start playing the game at first it will look somewhat clumsy, but it becomes fluid and graceful after playing it for a few times. PUBG gives you a variety of control options that makes it feel better and remove the awkwardness of searching for buttons which is difficult to get by feel. The floating shooting button makes shooting as easy as just tapping your fingers. Pick up, sorting, and equipping in a game are done automatically which makes it easier to manage the menu. There is also gyroscopic control, though I never liked it, but some are crazy about it.

3. Performance

When it comes to performance, there are slight differences between PUBG PC and PUBG Mobile. The PC version is quite good looking than the Mobile. The game used to have some particle and lighting effects that made it look more attractive, but they have been removed probably for nice reason. Effects like that can be really burdensome on hardware which could result in bland-looking recreations. The Mobile version has almost the same characters, weapons, and terrain with the PC's, just that it has a lower resolution. You may face difficulties playing this game on lower versions of Mobiles because loading the game would be a hell. So I won't recommend it to you if you intend using a lower version because it will likely crash. The sound is also awful. It is kind of difficult hearing footsteps and gunshot of your enemies.

4. Conclusion

Playing PUBG Mobile doesn't require much from you to go far. This is partly due to the bots included at the early level, which makes it pretty easier for you to control. Even with this feature, the game still has imprecise controls and it is less tensed compared to other interesting games. So summing up everything, PUBG Mobile has lots of fun, but is less tensed when compared to its PC version.